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Window Tinting: Your Options

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Tinting the windows on your car or your home brings many benefits such as improved visibility in sunny conditions, protection from UV rays which can harm the upholstery and increased privacy. However, when it comes to window tinting, there are a wide range of options on the market. If you have not purchased window tinting before, you may be confused or overwhelmed by the range of options available to you. Below is a brief guide to 4 of the most popular and common types of window tinting which will help you to decide which type of window tinting is best for your home or car. Metallised Tinted Film Metallised film is manufactured using copper, aluminium or nickel. These metals are infused at the sub-atomic level, which ensures that the metals are evenly spread across the surface of the film and efficiently deflects heat and UV rays away from the window. This film is often used on homes and commercial properties. Coloured Security Tinted Film This is a popular choice for car window tinting as it absorbs the heat of the sun rather than deflecting it. This means that heat will not be absorbed by the body of your car, reducing the internal temperature. Coloured security film also makes it much more difficult for thieves to spot any valuables which are in the car, helping to avoid a smash and grab style break-in. Hybrid Tinted Film Hybrid tinting film combines the absorbent qualities of coloured security film and the heat deflection of metallised tinted film. Hybrid films are also available is lighter shades of tinting compared to other types of film, which means you can have the benefits of heat reduction and increased UV protection without compromising your view from your windows. Ceramic Tinted Window Film Ceramic tinted film is the new kid on the block when it comes to window tinting for your home. This window film is designed and produced using cutting edge nano-technology, which alongside heat and UV protection, provides added strength to any window it is applied to, increasing its level of shatter-proofing. This will help to protect your window from intruders and extreme weather events. If you would like more information about the different options you have to tint the windows of your car or property, you should contact a professional window tinting company who will be able to offer further advice before carrying out any necessary...

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Smashed: How to Replace a Broken Pane of Glass

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If a window on your property has been broken, you may be considering how you can replace the pane of glass. Below is a step by step guide to replacing a broken windowpane. 1. Gather your tools Before starting work, the first thing you should do is gather all the necessary tools together. You will need the following: Pair of thick work gloves Cardboard box Putty knife Measuring tape Wire brush Linseed oil Heat gun Glazier’s points 2. Measure the window and buy a replacement pane of glass Using the tape measure, measure the window frame. Take the measurement to a local hardware shop and buy a pane of replacement glass. Ask the staff at the hardware store to cut the glass so that it is slightly smaller than the required size. This will create room for the glass to expand once it is installed. You should also pick up a dozen glazier’s points, which are small metal triangles that help to hold the pane of glass in the frame. 3. Remove the broken glass Once you are back home, you should put on the gloves and proceed to remove any loose pieces of broken glass from the window frame. If you find it difficult to remove some pieces, warm the putty surrounding the glass using the heat gun. This should allow you to remove stubborn pieces of glass. Place the pieces of glass in the cardboard box to prevent accidental cuts. Then use your vacuum cleaner to pick up any smaller bits of glass from the floor surrounding the window. 4. Clean the window frame Next, using the wire brush, clean the edge of the window frame which comes into contact with the glass. Then apply a thin layer of linseed oil to the frame, as this will help it to bond with the new putty. Take a piece of putty which is about the size of a golf ball and knead it in your hands so it warms up and becomes supple.  5: Fit the new pane of glass Finally, slide the new pane of glass into the window frame and attach glaziers points on either side of the glass to hold it in position. Use the putty knife to apply a thin layer of putty to the edge of glass, bonding it to the window frame. You should leave the putty for about a week to allow it to fully set before applying a fresh coat of paint. If you need professional advice and assistance when dealing with a broken window, contact a professional window repair...

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The 2 Qualities Of An Energy Efficient Casement Window

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Many prospective homeowners choose casement windows for the fact that they often provide an uninterrupted view of the outdoors and for the fact that they often don’t need additional window treatments. Like many other prospective homeowners, you’ll probably want to invest in the most energy efficient windows. This article discusses two qualities that you should look for when comparing the energy efficiency of casement windows. A Low U-Factor Or A High R-Value The U-factor refers to the rate at which a casement window gains or loses non-solar heat. Windows gain or lose non-solar heat because of the difference between indoor temperatures and the temperatures outside. Non-solar heat often escapes through casement windows to the outside when indoor temperatures are higher than outdoor temperatures. When outdoor temperatures are higher, the heat often escapes into your house through the windows. This can have a significant impact on your residential heating and cooling needs. The U-factor is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU) and a low U-factor translates to a more energy efficient window. The R-Value is used to denote the extent to which a casement window will resist the flow of heat. The R-Value is a reciprocal of the U-factor. It is given in Kelvin square meters and a higher R-Value translates to a more energy efficient window. Because of the inverse relationship between the U-factor and the R-Value, casement window manufacturers often only give one of these energy ratings for their products. The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Factor Abbreviated as SHGC, this is a measure of the amount of solar radiation that a casement window will transmit. The window may transmit such radiation directly or it may do so by absorbing sun rays, before the radiation is introduced into your home as heat. The SHGC factor is given in watts per square metre. The questions as to whether a higher or a lower SHGC factor makes for a more energy efficient window often depends on the climate. Windows with a high SHGC will help to heat up your house during the winter, while those with a low SHGC will prevent heat gain through the windows during the hot summer months. In addition to this, double-glazing and the installation of window tint films often reduce the SHGC of a casement window. You need to have this in mind when using the solar heat gain factor to determine which window is the most energy...

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How to Make Your Canvas Awning Last Longer

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Canvas awnings are often installed outside of windows on the back patio or deck in order to give you more shade. Awnings are great because you can create relaxing places in your backyard where you enjoy nature, but also have some protection from the harsh sunlight. Here are some tips for helping your awning last to protect your investment. Clean the Awning Regularly First of all, your awning should not just be left alone, as dust and dirt will accumulate on it. Over time, this could cause it to sag or ruin the canvas material. On a routine basis, open up the awning and clean it thoroughly. Brushing it with your broom or a soft brush is a good way to get rid of any loose dirt and debris. You can also use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. When it gets stained or there is more buildup that is more difficult to remove, you can use a soft scrub brush with soapy water. Make sure you only use mild dish detergent and not any bleach or harsh commercial cleaners. These might contain chemicals that alter the appearance of the canvas. Don’t Ignore Rips and Tears A common mistake made with window awnings is that when you have the occasional damage to the canvas material, you simply ignore it and not do anything about it. The problem with this is that those small rips you barely notice can eventually get worse, leaving you with an awning that now needs to be replaced. You should inspect the awning regularly, and when you notice damage, get it fixed right away even if right now all you can do is use strong tape on the rip to keep it intact until you are able to repair the material. This keeps it from worsening due to heavy winds or a rainstorm. Roll Up the Awning on Windy Days If your window awning is a retractable one, you should not keep it opened on bad weather days. While canvas awnings are meant to last, they can still get damaged prematurely by leaving it out all the time. You should only leave the awning out when you need it to protect yourself from the sun or to cool off your patio on really hot days. The rest of the time, roll it up to protect it and help it last longer. However, if the awning is wet from washing it or due to a recent rain, wait until it dries before rolling it up or you might end up with...

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How to Create More Privacy in Your Home

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While you may enjoy talking to your neighbors when washing your car or checking the mail, you might not want to display everything you do to them. This is where the perk of having more privacy comes in. When you create more privacy in your home and yard, you feel more protected and safe in your own space, while creating a much cozier atmosphere. Here are some ways to have more privacy at home. 1. Put Up a Lattice Fence In terms of fences, lattice is one of the best ones for privacy. It doesn’t completely block everyone out like a board fence does, but it also provides more privacy than picket fences. The lattice fence has very small openings where someone would be able to see in or you could see out. This gives the feeling of privacy and offers a charming look to your yard as well. You also have the added perk of planting climbing vines against the lattice. This creates more privacy and something beautiful to look at. Some climbing vines that are good for lattice include sweet pea, morning glory, and black-eyed Susan. 2. Plant Layered Bushes, Shrubs and Trees You can also use other plants and bushes in your yard that naturally create more privacy and make you feel like your home is a personal sanctuary. Instead of just putting up a shrub fence around your yard, which doesn’t always have the best look, why not use the layered method? This includes using small, medium, and tall height bushes and plants between you and your neighbors’ yards. They will be planted on your side of the fence, so you enjoy the view fully, while others can’t quite see into your home as easily. Add some tall shade trees, perennials for colour, and some shrubs or fruit trees to complete the layered look. 3. Get the Windows Tinted For privacy inside your home and not just your yard, you can have your windows tinted. This is done by applying a tinting film, which allows you to see out just fine, but others can’t see in quite as easily. This is similar to tinting done on your vehicle’s windows, where they are not completely blacked out, but you do feel a little more comfortable. An added bonus to window tinting is that it can help block out harsh sunlight and keep the interior of your home cool. Tint all your windows or just certain rooms where privacy is an issue, such as the bedroom and bathroom. 4. Choose Your Window Treatments Wisely Another great way to have more privacy inside your home is by choosing window treatments that don’t allow any peeking eyes in. For example, regular blinds might still have some gaps in between the slats, but Plantation shutters are made to overlap each other. When they are closed, there is no visibility through them, and no extra light filters in either. Some other good privacy window treatments include dark blackout curtains and roller shades. For more about this topic, contact a local...

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Getting Familiar with Double Glazed Windows

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No matter what type of home you have, heat loss through windows is inevitable. What you can do though is install energy efficient windows that will reduce the amount of heat you lose on a daily basis. This could significantly reduce your heating-related utility bills in the long run. One of the more popular options for energy efficient windows are double glazed windows. These windows comprise two glass panes that have been joined together with a gap in between the panes. Here are some of the things you should know about double glazed windows if you are looking to enhance the energy efficiency of your home. What glass would best suit your double glazed windows? There are various glass options that you could consider for your double glazed window panes. These include tinted glass, reflective glass and more. However, if your main concern is making sure your windows are energy efficient, then you should consider low emissivity (Low-E) glass for your double glazed windows. This type of glass has a metal oxide coating on the interior part of the double glazed windows. This coating functions to allow the transfer of heat and natural light into the home, but ensures that heat does not escape from the residence. What substance should you choose between the double glazed panes? Conventional double glazed windows used to have a vacuum in between the window panes. However, the only feature that the vacuum would offer is not allowing heat transfer from the indoors to the outdoors. Now you can choose from an array of gases, ranging from argon to xenon, to fill the space in between the window panes. The different gases comes with their own added advantages. For instance, argon will not only make your double glazed windows more energy efficient but it will also enhance their sound insulation. What type of window frame would suit your double glazed windows? Typically, window framing materials are based on individual aesthetic preferences. As such, you can choose any type of window frame to fit your double glazed windows into. However, it should be noted that the maintenance as well as longevity of the frames would depend on their materials. For instance, uPVC frames are one of the more durable options as they will not be affected by moisture or temperature changes. Wood, on the other hand, is aesthetically appealing but will require extensive maintenance to ensure it does not prematurely succumb to wear and...

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2 Ways to Reduce the Health Hazards of Driving

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Crashes aren’t the only hazard you risk when driving. Did you know that being in a car can have other negative effects on your mental and physical health? For many people, it’s impossible to avoid or reduce the amount of time you spend driving. However, you can reduce your risks in other ways. Here are 2 tips for making your daily journeys a healthier experience. Banish Road Rage Driving can be incredibly frustrating. From being stuck in traffic jams to being cut off by inconsiderate drivers, a simple trip can quickly devolve into a screaming fit. Getting angry is never good for your health. It can increase your anxiety and blood pressure or even give you a headache. The last thing anyone needs after a long day at work is to get riled up by their fellow drivers, so do your best to minimise your road rage. Try to be aware of your emotions at all times. If you’re prone to ignoring your feelings, glance in the mirror regularly. You may be surprised to see yourself scowling. When something makes you angry, think about what caused you to feel that way and think of reasons why the driver who angered you might be justified in their actions. For example, if someone overtakes you, it can make you feel better to think they may have been rushing to get to the hospital or may not have seen you, even if it’s not true. Calming scented car air fresheners like lavender may also reduce your stress levels. If neither of these work, you can try placing a photo of your loved ones on the dashboard that you can look at to calm you down. Tint Your Windows Many people don’t think they need to wear sunscreen in their car, but it’s important to remember that harmful UV rays can travel through windows too. Too much exposure to UV rays can greatly increase your risk of skin cancer. If you take a look at your face, you may notice more sun damage (including sun spots and wrinkles) on the right side of your face as it’s continually exposed to UV rays through your window. Aside from wearing sunscreen, you can reduce the amount of UV in your vehicle by 93 to 99.9% by getting your car windows tinted. Laws on car window tinting vary across Australia so make sure you check your local government website for more...

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Some Features to Look For With a Bi-Fold Door

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If you have a large door wall or opening to your outside area, you might want to choose a bi-fold or accordion door for this space. A bi-fold door can allow you to open up the door completely and fold the sections against the wall. This can mean maximum air circulation in the home and also makes foot traffic in and out of this space easier as well. When shopping for bi-fold doors, note a few factors to consider and discuss with a contractor so you can ensure you get doors that you’re sure to love for years to come. 1. Insulating factor Many bi-fold doors are very good at insulating your home’s space, if you shop for the right features. Look for double glazed panes that are argon gas filled, as this will mean less heat and cold transfer through the glass. Some glass options themselves might also block UV rays; certain tints or mixtures of various reflective plastic materials can mean bouncing the sun’s rays back rather than letting them pass through the glass, so your inside space doesn’t feel as warm and stuffy during summertime. 2. Consider the threshold If you live in a very dry area, near the beach or in a tropical area, you might be concerned about sand and water getting into your home through the bi-fold doors. Note that those with a higher threshold can often work quite well at blocking out sand, moisture, and the like. They can also work to keep ants, scorpions, lizards, and other pests out of the home. On the other hand, you might prefer to have the door threshold flush with the floor for a cleaner look, or to allow a wheelchair easier access. Many door styles have a track that is installed flush with the ground for an even, seamless threshold. 3. Traffic door You might love a bi-fold door because all the sections fold up and out of the way, but this can also mean having one door section folded and in your way if you want to open just one small area of the door. A traffic door can solve this problem; this is one door section that slides on the track rather than folding. This means you can open this one section of the door without having any folded areas jutting into the living area or into the exterior space. Look for a traffic door for maximum control and options for the door...

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Is it Possible to Repair Aluminum Windows?

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Windows are some of the most important components of any home. They do a number of different jobs, including allowing fresh air and light into your home, all while keeping burglars, rain, wind and dust out. While well-constructed, high-quality aluminum windows will provide you with years of problem-free use, as time passes, some components of the windows may become damaged and require repairs. Here you will find some of the most common window components that need repairs and how to determine if the repair is possible,or if replacement is the best option. Casements, Frames, and Jambs The window jamb and casements usually show most of the signs of wear and tear. They can be scraped, knocked and have furniture pushed against them if they go all the way to the ground. Also, cosmetic issues may arise, such as scratches. These are problems that can be filled and re-painted. If the scratch is not very deep, it may be possible for a homeowner to complete the repair on their own. However, if the scratch is deep, asking for the help of a professional may be beneficial, since it can be difficult to create a smooth finish on deeper scratches. If you have windows that are anodized, they can scratch easily since the color is the actual color of the aluminum. However, if you have aluminum windows that are powder coated, they will be much more difficult to scratch or damage. In most cases, aesthetic damage will be able to be repaired and replacement will not be necessary. Rollers and Rails If you have sliding windows, the rails and rollers may become damaged over time. This can result in the entire window being difficult to open and close. Over time, this can cause additional issues since you will have to use so much force to open the window. Additional components such as the locks and handles may become damaged and in some cases, the entire window may come off of the rail. To help prevent this from happening, the tracks need to be cleared on a regular basis since the debris and dust can build up and impede the movement of the rollers. If the window is getting more difficult to maneuver, it is likely time to replace the entire unit, since the damage will cost more to repair than replace. This is especially true if other damage is present, as well, such as broken locks or handles. Spring Balances In double hung windows, these can break and, surprisingly they can be quite expensive to replace. A broken balance can also be very dangerous since the windows may close on fingers or become stuck in the closed or open position. This is a security and weather risk. If the spring balances are broken, you should begin looking up replacement options. It will not make financial sense to replace the affected part. Taking the time to carefully evaluate the state of an aluminum window on a regular basis will let you know if repairs are necessary. In many cases, if an issue is caught early enough, repair is possible and...

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy Roller Shutters

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Roller shutters can perform several functions when they are installed in windows. It is therefore very important for you to consider what your exact needs are before you order roller shutters. This article discusses some of the questions that you should ask yourself before you buy rollers shutters for your residential windows. The questions will help you to identify the most important features that those shutters should have if they are to address your needs. Do You Live in a Noisy Location? Noise may be an issue for you if your home is located close to a busy street or near a busy highway. In that case, you may need to investigate the noise blocking properties of different roller shutters available on the market. Select those that will offer you the highest degree of noise reduction. In case noise isn’t a major concern to you, consider other factors or features of those shutters. Is Security a Major Issue to You? You need to pay special attention to some factors in case your primary reason for buying roller shutters is to beef up the security of your home. This may be very important in case you live in an area that has a high crime rate. The first thing that you should consider is the material from which those roller shutters are made. For instance, wooden shutters may not be ideal since an intruder can easily break them. However, steel or aluminium would be a good choice for a security-conscious person. The second attribute that you should pay attention to is the construction of those shutters. They should be large enough to cover the entire window so that an intruder is unable to reach behind and open the shutter. The shutters should also be strengthened so that it is very hard to separate the metal pieces from which the shutters are made. Will the Windows Be Used during Emergencies? Windows that are several floors above the ground level may not be considered as possible escape routes for people inside the building during an emergency. However, windows on the ground floor can be an escape route when emergencies, such as fires, occur. Buy roller shutters with quick-release mechanisms in case you intend to install them on windows that can be used during emergencies. The questions above will help you to define what your needs are before you go shopping for roller shutters for your windows. Use the information that you gather when you ask yourself those questions as a yardstick to narrow down your options from the available roller...

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