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Welcome to my window blog. My name is Christy, and this is one of a series of blogs I am making about homes and home repairs. I was inspired to write about these topics after remodelling our home and replacing a lot of elements like the windows. I am going to write about everything from choosing the right windows for your climate to keeping your glass squeaky clean. I hope that you like reading these blogs -- if they inspire or help you, share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media you like! Thanks again for reading and enjoy!



Wonderful Windows: A Crystal Clear Window Blog


Two Adjustments New Parents Should Make to the Windows in Their Home

There are a number of adjustments you should make to the windows in your home after you become a parent. Read on to learn more. Install window guards It is very important to install window guards (i.e., temporary barriers that can be placed in front of the window pane, on the windowsill) around your home. It is best to do this as soon as you notice that your baby is beginning to crawl.