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Wonderful Windows: A Crystal Clear Window Blog

Helpful Tips for Buying Outdoor Blinds for Your Patio

by Carla Johnson

Buying outdoor blinds for your patio can be a great idea and a wonderful way to improve the aesthetic of your patio area while giving yourself a chance to enjoy some privacy. Plus, they're great for providing shade. If you've decided that you want to buy outdoor blinds and are looking for some advice for finding and buying the right blinds for your patio, read the points below.

Choose Outdoor-Friendly Blinds

First of all, even if you have seen some bamboo blinds or other blinds that appear to be suitable for outdoor use, you should make sure they are specifically rated for this purpose. Indoor blinds simply will not be able to hold up to the wind, rain, and other conditions that they will be exposed to if installed outdoors.

Take Proper Measurements

When you start shopping for outdoor blinds, you might be surprised by the many different widths and sizes that you can choose from. This can be a bit confusing and can make it hard to pick the right blinds for your patio, but if you take measurements of your patio area, it'll be a lot easier. This is a good time for you to determine if you want to put up blinds around your entire patio area or just part of it since you can take measurements and shop for blinds accordingly.

Have Your Outdoor Blinds Professionally Installed

It might seem like you can use some simple hand tools to get your new outdoor blinds installed, but you may just want to have them professionally installed. You'll want to be sure they're properly secured so you don't have to worry about the wind causing them to fall down, and you'll want to be sure they're installed properly so they look good and provide the shade and privacy that you're looking for. A professional installation should be able to help you with all of these things.

Consider Blinds With a Remote

When you think about opening and closing the blinds in your patio area, you might think about pulling them up and down manually. However, you can actually purchase automatic outdoor blinds that come with a remote. If you like to sit on your patio to entertain your friends or relax with a cocktail, you might like the idea of being able to open and close your blinds without even having to get out of your seat. Plus, believe it or not, even automatic outdoor blinds can be quite economical.