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Wonderful Windows: A Crystal Clear Window Blog

5 Unwelcome Elements That Double Glazed Doors Keep Out

by Carla Johnson

Double-glazing uses two panels of glass. These two panels of glass provide better protection in many ways than the standard single panel of glass used in many doors and windows today. So, as well as giving your home a modern appeal, double-glazed doors help to protect your home from unwanted elements.

1. Burglars

Many homeowners like having the ability to look outside their doors to the world beyond. But regular glass doors may be enticing to would-be burglars on the prowl for an easy target. This is especially true when you are away for an extended time. Double-glazed doors have two panels of glass, which makes breaking through them much more difficult than a regular glass door.

So, if you enjoy the view that your yard and the surrounding area offers, consider installing double-glazed doors.

2. Condensation

On cold days, when you are using heating your home, condensation can become a problem for single-pane glass doors. Because the pane becomes cooler than the interior of your home, condensation forms. Condensation can damage your door frames and even the surrounding walls. And mould can become a problem too, which is bad for your health.

Double-glazing stops condensation formation because the interior panel of glass stays as warm as the temperature in your home.

3. Heat and cold

Double-glazing also keeps out the cold and the heat. It also keeps these elements in your home when you need them the most. Because of this fact, adding double-glazed doors to your home will help you save on your energy bills.

4. UV light

Double-glazed doors can help to keep UV light out of your home's interior. UV light can damage furniture, flooring and other furnishings, causing colour fading and warping. If you want to enjoy the views from your conservatory, for instance, but you worry about the damage UV light might cause, then add a double-glazed door to your conservatory instead of a single-pane glass door.

5. Noise

A single pane of glass can keep out some noise pollution, but if you live in an area where noise pollution is common, such as near a busy road, then a double-glazed door is a much better option. The pocket of air between the two panes of glass in a double-glazed door helps to keep out most noise pollution.

With the help of double-glazed doors, you can save on your energy bills, keep burglars out of your home and reduce the need for home maintenance tasks.