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Wonderful Windows: A Crystal Clear Window Blog

5 Ways to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Security Screen Door

by Carla Johnson

When you want to feel more secure in your home, a security screen door is a good way to bolster your security. A security screen door will ensure that you feel safe when answering the door to strangers. And when you aren't home, a security screen door will keep intruders from breaking in through the front door.

While standard security screen doors are still a good additional layer of security for any building, you can make them even better by adding some additional elements.

1. Add an alarm

If you are away from your home often, you can add an alarm to your security screen door. So if someone does manage to get through your door, this will trigger sensors that will then set off the alarm. A would-be burglar won't hang around for very long while an alarm is going off.

2. Ensure the door opens outwards

Metal security screen doors are already very difficult to kick in. But you can increase their ability to resist the force of a kick by ensuring that they open outwards. A metal door that opens outwards will be even more difficult to kick in than a door that opens inwards.

3. Install a high-quality lock

You don't have to settle for the lock that comes with your security screen door. And some suppliers may offer varying qualities of lock that you can choose from. To ensure that your security screen door lock is difficult to pick, choose a high-quality lock that will stop technical burglars from entering your home.

You can also choose to use a smart lock. This means you'll be able to open and lock your door from a smartphone or computer. And there will be no lock to pick.

4. Install a deadbolt on the door

Deadbolts are a very effective way to resist burglars. The right deadbolt will resist lock picking attempts and attempts at forced entry. When faced with a security screen door that has a sturdy deadbolt, most burglars won't be willing to make the effort, or the noise, it takes to break through the door.

5. Choose privacy mesh

If you aren't comfortable answering the door to strangers during the day or at night, you can choose a security screen door that has privacy mesh. This will allow you to see who is outside your door while preserving your privacy.

If you are thinking of investing in a privacy screen door, consider adding these additional elements to improve its security. For more information on security screen doors, contact a local supplier.