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Wonderful Windows: A Crystal Clear Window Blog

Two Adjustments New Parents Should Make to the Windows in Their Home

by Carla Johnson

There are a number of adjustments you should make to the windows in your home after you become a parent. Read on to learn more.

Install window guards

It is very important to install window guards (i.e., temporary barriers that can be placed in front of the window pane, on the windowsill) around your home. It is best to do this as soon as you notice that your baby is beginning to crawl. This is because as soon as your child learns how to crawl, you will find that they will constantly attempt to explore various areas of your home. This in and of itself might not be a problem.

However, if, whilst you are distracted by some chore, your baby crawls over to an unguarded window that is unlocked or ajar, they could climb out of it. If the window in question is on the ground floor, they may not end up badly injured, but they could potentially wander off the property and end up getting lost. This could be an incredibly distressing experience for both you and your child. If the window is on an upper floor and your baby climbs out, they could fall several feet to the ground and sustain serious injuries as a result.

Installing window guards can eliminate the risk of these accidents occurring by acting as a secure barrier that will stop your child from climbing out a window, even if the window is open.

Hire a leadlight door restoration specialist to fix any cracks in the panes of your leadlight door

If your home features a leadlight door (i.e., a door with leadlight window panes), then it is worth hiring a leadlight door restoration specialist to repair any damaged panes in this item. This is because a thin leadlight window pane that has cracked is very likely to shatter at some point, simply because this type of glass is very delicate after it has been damaged.

This could happen if, for example, you accidentally bump your baby's stroller into the door whilst trying to wheel it out of the house. If it shatters whilst you are entering your home via this door and with your baby in tow, the broken glass could injure your child. Getting the damaged window panes repaired will stabilise the glass and prevent an incident like this from happening.

Reach out to a leadlight door restoration service for more information.