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Wonderful Windows: A Crystal Clear Window Blog

What Colour Should You Choose for Your New Plantation Shutters?

by Carla Johnson

Plantation shutters have been around for many years, but this does not mean that they are the right option for the modern homeowner. However, the staying power they offer when ranked together with other types of blinds and shades is a testament to how durable plantation shutters are. Nonetheless, when you choose these window furnishing for your home, you will likely want to customise them to suit your aesthetic preferences.

The easiest way to do so is to select a striking hue for the shutters. Picking a colour, though, is not as simple as you may think, more so if you want the plantation shutters to be cohesive with your exterior's architectural design, interior décor choices and more. To help you make the right decision, here are various colours you can consider for plantation shutters.

Black and dark coloured hues

If you want to add a sense of drama to your home with your plantation shutters, dark coloured hues, and black particularly, are the way to go. This colour will look great on plantation shutters that have been installed on stark white walls, as it breaks the monotony of this hue by adding visual interest to the exterior of your walls. When it comes to your interior décor, you should note that black coloured shutters do make a room darker than it is. Therefore, this colour would be a great selection for plantation shutters that have been installed in a bonus room, bedrooms and so on.

Black coloured shutters are also highly complementary to minimalist and contemporary styles spaces, especially if you pair these plantation shutters with a black and white colour scheme. For instance, you could have white upholstery, a black carpet and black window treatments. Nevertheless, despite their effortless flamboyance, black coloured plantation shutters are prone to heat absorption, which can make the rooms they are installed in warmer than usual.

Earth-coloured plantation shutters

When some people think of earth-coloured tones, they usually visualise brown hues, similar to timber products. Granted, timber is a natural material and this does make it an earth tone but this colour is not the only one that this category encompasses. When envisioning earth-coloured hues, consider the blues associated with oceans and skies, greens associated with grass and shrubbery and even golden yellows associated with sunsets.

Hence, when contemplating earth-coloured plantation shutters, you will find you have a wide selection of options available to you. Bright coloured plantation shutters, such as yellow, will be a great addition when looking to create a focal point in your walls. If you have one wall with large windows, you could pick a bright colour for the plantation shutters and this transforms the wall into a focal point. You can then choose subtle hues for smaller windows so that the space does not look too busy.