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Wonderful Windows: A Crystal Clear Window Blog

Important Things to Note When Choosing Skylight Windows

by Carla Johnson

Skylight windows are installed on the roof for the main purpose of brightening up your interior during the day. They also help bring life to your interiors and save on energy. Skylight windows should not be mistaken for roof windows. The latter are installed on roofs when there is an attic/loft, meaning you can easily reach and open them. A skylight window, on the other hand, is installed on a roof area you can't reach or access. Here are some important things to note when choosing skylight windows:

Do You Want a Fixed or Openable Skylight Window?

The most common skylight windows are fixed, meaning you cannot open them. These are installed when all you need is to let in natural light to brighten up your interior.

If you feel like you want more ventilation for your house, you have the option of choosing openable skylight windows. Since you can't reach them, a manual crank may have to be installed at a position you can reach. You can also have the opening mechanism automated, where you need to press a button.

If you go for the openable skylight windows, try and look for those that have weather sensors. These automatically close when it starts raining to prevent water from entering your home. It is easy to forget that you have your skylight window open.

What If You Want a Dark Interior During the Day?

Sometimes, maybe because you want to set a dark movie-watching environment, you might need your house to be dark. This might not be possible because of the skylight window. That is why you may come across an option to install a remote-controlled blind on the skylight window.

Skylight Window Cost

How much you pay for your skylight window depends on how big it is, whether you want it fixed or openable, whether you need a blind installed and the amount of work to be done. Of course, a larger and openable skylight window will be pricier than a smaller fixed skylight window. The addition of blinds may also drive costs higher.

Can a Skylight Window Break?

Always ask what type of glass is used for the skylight windows. You want it to be toughened glass, especially if your locality has frequent storms. Additionally, you want to hire a reputable skylight window installation company for installation work. You neither want gaps that can allow water to pass through nor poor installation work that is going to leave weak points; this can lead to your skylight window falling from your roof.