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Wonderful Windows: A Crystal Clear Window Blog

Why Fit Sliding Glass Doors At Home?

by Carla Johnson

Although a pair of French doors, which are hinged at either side, look great when they open out onto a patio, they are not the only option for homeowners. Some people understandably prefer bi-folding doors, which zigzag up onto themselves and allow for a great expanse of glass to be opened. There again, traditional sliding patio doors also have their place if you want to get in and out of your home easily into the garden. Why should you consider turning to sliding door suppliers for your next set of patio doors?

Floor-to-Ceiling Glazing

When you opt for other types of glazed doorways to open onto your terrace or patio, you do not always obtain the same amount of glazing that you will obtain from a sliding patio door. This is because most sliding door suppliers will be able to make products for you that extend all the way up to the ceiling from the floor with virtually no visual interruptions. The frames of sliding patio doors do not need to be thick because they do not swing open, and as such, they receive support all of the time. In short, this means more glass and less framework. As a result, you will able to enjoy better views of your garden even when the door is closed.

Excellent Levels of Security

Because sliding patio doors are a tried-and-tested means of fitting a glass doorway, you can be sure that they will meet the latest security standards. In the past, sliding doors often came with a single, flimsy lock that meant they could be slid open if the lock was forced. These days, on the other hand, most good sliding door suppliers will fit much stronger locks with unique keys that are much harder to pick. Moreover, you can expect a locked patio door to be anchored in place at several locations around the frame, not just one. This makes them much harder to prise open from the outside.

Low-Cost and Low-Maintenance Option

Because of their inherent simplicity, sliding patio doors are not that expensive to manufacture. This results in savings being passed onto consumers from nearly all sliding door suppliers. Even better than their competitive price is their very low maintenance costs. Most sliding doors only need to be cleaned once in a while to keep them in mint condition. Even if a roller becomes stuck and needs to be replaced, rollers are commonly inexpensive parts that are easy to track down.

To learn more, contact a sliding door supplier.