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Wonderful Windows: A Crystal Clear Window Blog

Unique colour ideas for security shutters in your home

by Carla Johnson

Window shutters have been around for many years, providing security to the home and to the actual window itself. However, many homeowners simply opt for dull colours for their shutters.

Dull shades of brown and black are a common choice for shutters, making the home appear less inviting. You can take advantage of security shutters to infuse an element of creativity into the home.

Try out these 4 unique colour choices that will elevate your home décor.

1. Yellow

If you feel as if your security shutters are blocking out too much light, shades of yellow will allow plenty of light into the home. Paint your shutters with a light yellow that isn't too bold and creates an inviting and laidback theme.

Even when closed, yellow shutters bounce light off your bulbs and reflect them back into the home. They can liven up a dull living room space by creating an upbeat theme. Yellow is also an exciting colour to mix and match with other decorative elements in your home.

2. Dark brown

While shades of brown are a common choice for window shutters, there are unique themes you can achieve by using dark brown colours. Dark brown provides a modern, contemporary theme to your home. It matches the hardwoods that are used on floors, high-end furniture and other parts of your home.

The key to making dark brown shutters work is to match them with a stylish décor. Have the shutters act as a backdrop to your large dinner table or behind your stylish couch.

3. Grey

You can never go wrong with a neutral, earth colour. Grey works well for homes that are painted white on the outside and inside walls. This is because its neutral colour blends seamlessly across the entire window surface.

Grey also provides a much-needed break from the continuous white walls that are present in most homes. If you opt for a light grey touch, you can allow plenty of light into the home while still keeping your windows secure.

4. Red

Bold, vibrant and beautiful. These are 3 words that best describe red shutters in your home. If you wish to express personality, you can't go wrong with red. It creates a dramatic contrast with the rest of your window and works well to complement the décor of your home. It also allows light to come in and contributes to a lively overall theme.