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Wonderful Windows: A Crystal Clear Window Blog

Three Practical Tips for Ensuring Bi-fold Door Security

by Carla Johnson

Bi-fold doors are perfect for your home if you are looking to enhance the design and functionality of your space. In general, these doors will provide an ideal way to merge your outdoor and indoor area. When these entrances are open, there will be a smooth and uninterrupted transition from your interior space to your outdoor living areas such as patios, decks and barbeque grill. However, there are some factors that you should consider if you are interested in installing a bi-fold security door. The most critical of these issues is security. If you i-fold door is not secure, your home could become vulnerable to intruders. Here are some practical tips to help you ensure bi-fold door security.

Choose Strong Frames

You should choose the right framing for your bi-fold doors. Poor choice of framing can be damaged through mechanical impact or consistent pressure. For example, unreliable frames can be bent and lifted from their installed position. This weakness would leave your home vulnerable to robbers and burglars. When shopping for your bi-fold door, you should opt for doors with resilient frames. You can choose aluminium frames which are designed to withstand stress without distortion. Timber frames are not malleable; they will not bend and are quite heavy. If you are interested in plastic frames, you should check the specifications to ensure that the feature will be burglar-proof.

Select Toughened Glass

Bi-fold doors are primarily made of glass. This aspect makes them perfect for an outdoor-indoor living design which enhances modern homes. The glass brings in the beauty of the outdoors into the house and opens up the space. Moreover, it allows natural light to flow into the interior rooms, creating a pleasant ambience. Unfortunately, the glass can make the house vulnerable to burglars. Therefore, if you are planning on installing bi-fold doors, you should choose features with toughened glass. This type of glass will provide all the outlined benefits while minimising the risk of door breakage. The toughened glass can withstand significant impact without breaking, ensuring optimal security.

Check the Locking Mechanism

Finally, when installing a bi-fold door, you should check the locking mechanism. You should make sure that there is a good locking system for keeping your home secure. Ideally, there should be multiple locking points for high security. The components should also be manufactured using reliable materials such as hardened steel. The design should also be resistant to picking. For instance, deadbolt locks have a secure mechanism which cannot be forced opened without keys.