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Wonderful Windows: A Crystal Clear Window Blog

How to Make Your Canvas Awning Last Longer

by Carla Johnson

Canvas awnings are often installed outside of windows on the back patio or deck in order to give you more shade. Awnings are great because you can create relaxing places in your backyard where you enjoy nature, but also have some protection from the harsh sunlight. Here are some tips for helping your awning last to protect your investment.

Clean the Awning Regularly

First of all, your awning should not just be left alone, as dust and dirt will accumulate on it. Over time, this could cause it to sag or ruin the canvas material. On a routine basis, open up the awning and clean it thoroughly. Brushing it with your broom or a soft brush is a good way to get rid of any loose dirt and debris. You can also use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. When it gets stained or there is more buildup that is more difficult to remove, you can use a soft scrub brush with soapy water. Make sure you only use mild dish detergent and not any bleach or harsh commercial cleaners. These might contain chemicals that alter the appearance of the canvas.

Don't Ignore Rips and Tears

A common mistake made with window awnings is that when you have the occasional damage to the canvas material, you simply ignore it and not do anything about it. The problem with this is that those small rips you barely notice can eventually get worse, leaving you with an awning that now needs to be replaced. You should inspect the awning regularly, and when you notice damage, get it fixed right away even if right now all you can do is use strong tape on the rip to keep it intact until you are able to repair the material. This keeps it from worsening due to heavy winds or a rainstorm.

Roll Up the Awning on Windy Days

If your window awning is a retractable one, you should not keep it opened on bad weather days. While canvas awnings are meant to last, they can still get damaged prematurely by leaving it out all the time. You should only leave the awning out when you need it to protect yourself from the sun or to cool off your patio on really hot days. The rest of the time, roll it up to protect it and help it last longer. However, if the awning is wet from washing it or due to a recent rain, wait until it dries before rolling it up or you might end up with mildew.