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Wonderful Windows: A Crystal Clear Window Blog

How to Create More Privacy in Your Home

by Carla Johnson

While you may enjoy talking to your neighbors when washing your car or checking the mail, you might not want to display everything you do to them. This is where the perk of having more privacy comes in. When you create more privacy in your home and yard, you feel more protected and safe in your own space, while creating a much cozier atmosphere. Here are some ways to have more privacy at home.

1. Put Up a Lattice Fence

In terms of fences, lattice is one of the best ones for privacy. It doesn't completely block everyone out like a board fence does, but it also provides more privacy than picket fences. The lattice fence has very small openings where someone would be able to see in or you could see out. This gives the feeling of privacy and offers a charming look to your yard as well. You also have the added perk of planting climbing vines against the lattice. This creates more privacy and something beautiful to look at. Some climbing vines that are good for lattice include sweet pea, morning glory, and black-eyed Susan.

2. Plant Layered Bushes, Shrubs and Trees

You can also use other plants and bushes in your yard that naturally create more privacy and make you feel like your home is a personal sanctuary. Instead of just putting up a shrub fence around your yard, which doesn't always have the best look, why not use the layered method? This includes using small, medium, and tall height bushes and plants between you and your neighbors' yards. They will be planted on your side of the fence, so you enjoy the view fully, while others can't quite see into your home as easily. Add some tall shade trees, perennials for colour, and some shrubs or fruit trees to complete the layered look.

3. Get the Windows Tinted

For privacy inside your home and not just your yard, you can have your windows tinted. This is done by applying a tinting film, which allows you to see out just fine, but others can't see in quite as easily. This is similar to tinting done on your vehicle's windows, where they are not completely blacked out, but you do feel a little more comfortable. An added bonus to window tinting is that it can help block out harsh sunlight and keep the interior of your home cool. Tint all your windows or just certain rooms where privacy is an issue, such as the bedroom and bathroom.

4. Choose Your Window Treatments Wisely

Another great way to have more privacy inside your home is by choosing window treatments that don't allow any peeking eyes in. For example, regular blinds might still have some gaps in between the slats, but Plantation shutters are made to overlap each other. When they are closed, there is no visibility through them, and no extra light filters in either. Some other good privacy window treatments include dark blackout curtains and roller shades.

For more about this topic, contact a local professional.