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Wonderful Windows: A Crystal Clear Window Blog

2 Ways to Reduce the Health Hazards of Driving

by Carla Johnson

Crashes aren't the only hazard you risk when driving. Did you know that being in a car can have other negative effects on your mental and physical health? For many people, it's impossible to avoid or reduce the amount of time you spend driving. However, you can reduce your risks in other ways. Here are 2 tips for making your daily journeys a healthier experience.

Banish Road Rage

Driving can be incredibly frustrating. From being stuck in traffic jams to being cut off by inconsiderate drivers, a simple trip can quickly devolve into a screaming fit. Getting angry is never good for your health. It can increase your anxiety and blood pressure or even give you a headache. The last thing anyone needs after a long day at work is to get riled up by their fellow drivers, so do your best to minimise your road rage.

Try to be aware of your emotions at all times. If you're prone to ignoring your feelings, glance in the mirror regularly. You may be surprised to see yourself scowling. When something makes you angry, think about what caused you to feel that way and think of reasons why the driver who angered you might be justified in their actions. For example, if someone overtakes you, it can make you feel better to think they may have been rushing to get to the hospital or may not have seen you, even if it's not true.

Calming scented car air fresheners like lavender may also reduce your stress levels. If neither of these work, you can try placing a photo of your loved ones on the dashboard that you can look at to calm you down.

Tint Your Windows

Many people don't think they need to wear sunscreen in their car, but it's important to remember that harmful UV rays can travel through windows too. Too much exposure to UV rays can greatly increase your risk of skin cancer. If you take a look at your face, you may notice more sun damage (including sun spots and wrinkles) on the right side of your face as it's continually exposed to UV rays through your window. Aside from wearing sunscreen, you can reduce the amount of UV in your vehicle by 93 to 99.9% by getting your car windows tinted. Laws on car window tinting vary across Australia so make sure you check your local government website for more information.