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Wonderful Windows: A Crystal Clear Window Blog

Some Features to Look For With a Bi-Fold Door

by Carla Johnson

If you have a large door wall or opening to your outside area, you might want to choose a bi-fold or accordion door for this space. A bi-fold door can allow you to open up the door completely and fold the sections against the wall. This can mean maximum air circulation in the home and also makes foot traffic in and out of this space easier as well. When shopping for bi-fold doors, note a few factors to consider and discuss with a contractor so you can ensure you get doors that you're sure to love for years to come.

1. Insulating factor

Many bi-fold doors are very good at insulating your home's space, if you shop for the right features. Look for double glazed panes that are argon gas filled, as this will mean less heat and cold transfer through the glass. Some glass options themselves might also block UV rays; certain tints or mixtures of various reflective plastic materials can mean bouncing the sun's rays back rather than letting them pass through the glass, so your inside space doesn't feel as warm and stuffy during summertime.

2. Consider the threshold

If you live in a very dry area, near the beach or in a tropical area, you might be concerned about sand and water getting into your home through the bi-fold doors. Note that those with a higher threshold can often work quite well at blocking out sand, moisture, and the like. They can also work to keep ants, scorpions, lizards, and other pests out of the home. On the other hand, you might prefer to have the door threshold flush with the floor for a cleaner look, or to allow a wheelchair easier access. Many door styles have a track that is installed flush with the ground for an even, seamless threshold.

3. Traffic door

You might love a bi-fold door because all the sections fold up and out of the way, but this can also mean having one door section folded and in your way if you want to open just one small area of the door. A traffic door can solve this problem; this is one door section that slides on the track rather than folding. This means you can open this one section of the door without having any folded areas jutting into the living area or into the exterior space. Look for a traffic door for maximum control and options for the door itself.