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Wonderful Windows: A Crystal Clear Window Blog

Is it Possible to Repair Aluminum Windows?

by Carla Johnson

Windows are some of the most important components of any home. They do a number of different jobs, including allowing fresh air and light into your home, all while keeping burglars, rain, wind and dust out. While well-constructed, high-quality aluminum windows will provide you with years of problem-free use, as time passes, some components of the windows may become damaged and require repairs.

Here you will find some of the most common window components that need repairs and how to determine if the repair is possible,or if replacement is the best option.

Casements, Frames, and Jambs

The window jamb and casements usually show most of the signs of wear and tear. They can be scraped, knocked and have furniture pushed against them if they go all the way to the ground. Also, cosmetic issues may arise, such as scratches. These are problems that can be filled and re-painted. If the scratch is not very deep, it may be possible for a homeowner to complete the repair on their own. However, if the scratch is deep, asking for the help of a professional may be beneficial, since it can be difficult to create a smooth finish on deeper scratches.

If you have windows that are anodized, they can scratch easily since the color is the actual color of the aluminum. However, if you have aluminum windows that are powder coated, they will be much more difficult to scratch or damage.

In most cases, aesthetic damage will be able to be repaired and replacement will not be necessary.

Rollers and Rails

If you have sliding windows, the rails and rollers may become damaged over time. This can result in the entire window being difficult to open and close. Over time, this can cause additional issues since you will have to use so much force to open the window. Additional components such as the locks and handles may become damaged and in some cases, the entire window may come off of the rail.

To help prevent this from happening, the tracks need to be cleared on a regular basis since the debris and dust can build up and impede the movement of the rollers. If the window is getting more difficult to maneuver, it is likely time to replace the entire unit, since the damage will cost more to repair than replace. This is especially true if other damage is present, as well, such as broken locks or handles.

Spring Balances

In double hung windows, these can break and, surprisingly they can be quite expensive to replace. A broken balance can also be very dangerous since the windows may close on fingers or become stuck in the closed or open position. This is a security and weather risk. If the spring balances are broken, you should begin looking up replacement options. It will not make financial sense to replace the affected part.

Taking the time to carefully evaluate the state of an aluminum window on a regular basis will let you know if repairs are necessary. In many cases, if an issue is caught early enough, repair is possible and affordable.