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Wonderful Windows: A Crystal Clear Window Blog

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy Roller Shutters

by Carla Johnson

Roller shutters can perform several functions when they are installed in windows. It is therefore very important for you to consider what your exact needs are before you order roller shutters. This article discusses some of the questions that you should ask yourself before you buy rollers shutters for your residential windows. The questions will help you to identify the most important features that those shutters should have if they are to address your needs.

Do You Live in a Noisy Location?

Noise may be an issue for you if your home is located close to a busy street or near a busy highway. In that case, you may need to investigate the noise blocking properties of different roller shutters available on the market. Select those that will offer you the highest degree of noise reduction. In case noise isn't a major concern to you, consider other factors or features of those shutters.

Is Security a Major Issue to You?

You need to pay special attention to some factors in case your primary reason for buying roller shutters is to beef up the security of your home. This may be very important in case you live in an area that has a high crime rate. The first thing that you should consider is the material from which those roller shutters are made. For instance, wooden shutters may not be ideal since an intruder can easily break them. However, steel or aluminium would be a good choice for a security-conscious person. The second attribute that you should pay attention to is the construction of those shutters. They should be large enough to cover the entire window so that an intruder is unable to reach behind and open the shutter. The shutters should also be strengthened so that it is very hard to separate the metal pieces from which the shutters are made.

Will the Windows Be Used during Emergencies?

Windows that are several floors above the ground level may not be considered as possible escape routes for people inside the building during an emergency. However, windows on the ground floor can be an escape route when emergencies, such as fires, occur. Buy roller shutters with quick-release mechanisms in case you intend to install them on windows that can be used during emergencies.

The questions above will help you to define what your needs are before you go shopping for roller shutters for your windows. Use the information that you gather when you ask yourself those questions as a yardstick to narrow down your options from the available roller shutters.