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Wonderful Windows: A Crystal Clear Window Blog

Glass Tinting | 3 Helpful Tips For Tinting Glass Windows

by Carla Johnson

Glass tinting is an excellent way to protect your home's interiors by keeping out the harmful UV rays of the sun. Tinting also helps to increase your privacy, which makes it a good choice for all the windows in your home. You can either choose to undertake glass tinting on your own or you can hire a professional to tint your glass windows. In any case, these tips aim to help you in your glass tinting quest.

Make Sure The Glass Is Thoroughly Cleaned For Better Adherence

Your glass windows should be perfectly clean to allow the tint film to bond well on the windows. Make sure the entire glass surface is thoroughly washed with warm soap water and a sponge. You can then dry the glass using a squeegee and lint-free cloth. Make sure that there are no residual particles left on the glass surface after cleaning or the tint film won't adhere properly to it. Before glass tinting, make sure the glass is completely dry. This will enable you to apply the tint film suitably to the glass surface.

Use Safety Tint Film To Better Protect Your Window Glass

Flying or broken glass windows could be the result of natural disasters, playing cricket, vandalism and thefts. This flying glass could damage your interiors or injure a person in the room. While standard safety glass tinting films may not be able to protect your glass from shattering, they will be able to prevent glass from flying across the room. If you want better protection for your windows, keep in mind that safety and security films are thicker than standard tint films. These safety films provide better protection from glass shattering. If you're worried about breaking glass, be sure to consider safety tint films for better glass protection.

Tint Your Windows In Dry And Warm Weather

You must consider the window film drying time before undertaking this task on your own or hiring someone else to do the job. Keep in mind that cloudy and cold weather will lengthen the drying time of window tint film, while dry, warm weather will shorten drying time. You'll naturally want the window tinting film to adhere to the surface as quickly as possible to prevent trapped moisture from causing bubbles and cloudiness between the glass and the tint film. If you are using safety tint films, remember that their increased thickness requires longer drying time.

Tint films provide an added layer of protection for windows –– follow these helpful tips when planning window glass tinting.